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Analysis of Labels in the Voynich Codex Reveals it is an Astrological Calalogue

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2022 11:32 pm
by danielemlynjones
I recently published my analysis of labels in the Voynich manuscript which may be of interest to fellow Voynichologists. The description and link are below:

Despite over a century of research, the Voynich Codex remains mysterious. It is written in an unknown language in an unknown script, with plants and stars which defy convincing classification.
I identified label words in the many illustrations, and colour coded these label words throughout the Voynich 101 transcribed text. Many areas of the text became so dense with lists of these label words, that it resembled a catalogue. Interestingly, several of these label words doubled as plant labels and star labels. This colour coding process also showed that the ‘nymphs’ in the ‘Balneological’ section are not women, but personified depictions of stars and plants, and I suggest that this whole section is an allegorical representation of astrological influence. Certain labels were shown to be associated with one another, and the translations of several words was hypothesised.
An entire list of labels, together with the entire colour-coded transcribed Voynich 101 text are contained in appendices in this book. My fervent hope is that this modest and lightheartedly-written contribution to the field will assist and inspire fellow Voynichologists of all levels in their attempts to further understand this enigma.
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