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scribes and styles

Posted: Sat May 13, 2023 3:07 pm
by kimdelcastillo
Who did this? Let me start by saying this was not a frivolous thing. Even when I choose to an artwork there is a lesson, a desire, a point to it all. It is never for nothing. Sometimes I do contract work and sometimes I do art on my own but the same factors are there. In times that I described it would be of someone’s need to get this done.
Andrea McNichol has been consulted by the FBI, Department of Justice, Scotland Yard and many fortune five hundred companies and as I stated I got this and read the book to clear up a personal matter but after reading it and understanding what she understands, it is not that difficult. The book is, “Handwriting analysis and how it can work for you.” I see much of what and how she sees individuals just in writing. I see it in my own writing. As she puts it any form of writing, whether with your toes, teeth… it is referred to as “brain prints”. I know this naturally because I can write ambidextrously and while I do fairly well and it is readable whether it is print, cursive or digits. Everything is backwards in my brain and it only comes with how much I exercise it. I am no expert by any means but this is what I saw based how character develops in writing.

In all of us there are
fixed traits

Unfixed Traits

Physical condition
The explanations and examples are a very real wake up call even to me. So far I can identify seven regular scribes. There may be one or two more but I would have to spend more time to rule it as certain but here is what I found based just on the writing.

1. He is the one who put this together and knows what he is doing and a good example is F43r, f84v. His script is well done and clean, his spacing is near perfection and he believes in what he is doing because of the amount of confidence and structure. He has higher thinking ability and he is long skilled in doing this work. He also did all of the script for circular diagrams and a few random pages. He was not above the work; he was glued to it from the top. He knew what he saw and he had to keep it safe. I believe this manuscript is copied from something he saw. May have destroyed the original. Something this structured didn’t just evolve from nowhere.
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2. His ranking second man, He too was associated with the first because he was also skilled and could keep his writing pretty uniform. Sometimes he tends to waiver lines maybe because of fatigue but he did pretty well. Both of these individual participated but there are others. His work is best displayed on f86v1v2, f93r, f104v. He may have been a fellow scribe and trusted our main man. He was equally consistent but much more deliberate and even handed.
scribe 2.jpg
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3. The third is a fill in duty scribe. His work can be found on f28r, f27r, f30r. He is a decent complacent scribe, but not fancy, not heavy, adjusted to the task. Good penmanship. Not at tight as the lead man but decent. Because he doesn’t know, he probably was learning to be a scribe, because it is just alright it is just loose. Because he is younger he just wants the practice.
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4. Then there is the educated man but not a regular to writing script. He may have been a friend or a previous script writer who lost his way because duty placement, something he could agree to doing but was not as secular with as the other two. A good example of him isf13r, f40v, f103r. He has a problem of distributing ink like the first two skilled men, and another good reference point would be f66r. The inability to regulate the ink was an issue for him. He was probably a trusted friend.
5. Then we have heavy handed, He was more of friend who was literate but not a natural scribe. His lines are very rarely straight and you will find him on f85r, f90v, f93v, f96r
6. Then there is Mr. Personality, He is a happy jovial individual. It’s almost as if he feels personally overjoyed to do the work. A good work of his f17r, f17v, f20r f87r. His structure is still really jovial which tells he was especially grateful to be selected to participate. He creates large loops associated with pride, and he is very happy with what he is doing. He is light and loose, but his loops are more rounded and that shows confidence, the light arcs and steady script shows pride in the task. He may be assisting the artist.
7. Then we have insecure individual, his self-confidence isn’t quite there and even though he knows, he is still not sure of the consequences. I see him as aloof to a slight. Almost a risk to the project as a whole. His work can be best seen onf29v, f30r, f47r. f8r. The spacing is off and he just is not flowing with the rest of the crew. I believe he was added later as a fill in. His downward slanting is either insecurities or concerns.
8. Then we have the artist, his work is dispersed throughout the MS but he wrote out pages and his work is on f42r and f42v, f47r, f56r and so on. He just can’t help himself. I know because I too am an artist. I acknowledge he may have been a close friend more than a true scribe. He was given many freedoms that others were not.
9. Then we have f55v. This text doesn’t match the previous seven, it is not like any of them, and maybe they owed favors because it was more random or solitary. There is almost a touch of hatred, remorse, or above it by how closed off and narrow the text is.

Then I would also address something else. If you compare: F1r, f8r f42r to any other pages in the manuscript, there none written out like this. These look like signature pages rather than standard text pages. It also confirms nine scribes or rather the different aptitudes I can see.

Unfortunately the forum wouldn't allow the rest of the writing samples. But hopefully it helps with some insight.