Harper McAlpines ideas

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Harper McAlpines ideas

Post by Jürgen »

Hi voinich fans.

i recently stumbeled about some Vids of Mr McAlpine, and i find them quite compelling....I've been studing VM stufff for some years now, and have not stumbeled along his ideas anywhere else... so check out his YT vids of the VM like e.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyDRVv8 ... lpineBlack

While they seem to me to be quite reaonable explanations as to whats happening with the drawings, i still have no clue how voinichese was created....if the VM was ment to be read as some kind of mnemotic book....why go to the length to create a new script with it's owwn grammar????

love to hear yor thoughts....

Cheers Jürgen

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