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Theory of everything

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:11 pm
by Bunny
This is an overall conclusion concerning the manuscript, not presented as proof of fact and other scenarios are not ruled out regarding age, authenticity, origin or purpose. I will be returning to attempting to compare various known languages to the text, find similar imagery and look for astronomy in the conventional way. If out of the box theories are not your thing suggest stop reading at end of part II.



Having looked at the manuscript for many years and tried various approaches to cracking it and observing the hypothesis of others, I conclude the only possible path that explains everything is the rather improbable outcome that all outcomes are correct (short of those seeking to deliberately mislead). This could result from the glyphs of the text not being language, code, mathematical, random, fake - but a series of containers. The era it was made in, who made it, whether it was copied or an original work would not matter.

Aside from some rare glyphs such as those like pi and walking legs (probably a more ancient and common pictographic origin), and the entangled gallows, the standard glyphs and gallows seem to behave like Liposomes, Archaeosomes and Virosomes - acting purely as a series of containers and like those high-tech containers whatever is required can be put inside. The containers can then be read straight up, juggled, transposed, added to or even reeled off in one long strand and broken up to produce something akin to monkeys randomly typing producing a page of Shakespeare. They can be read forward backward, bottom up, top down, every 5th letter, every 8th letter, it doesn't matter. They can be filled with: language (letters, pictographs, phonetic, syllable, groups of containers indicating Kanji, Abjad with or without pointing etc.); sound (music notes, frequencies); colours; numbers and mathematical symbols producing numerical sequences or formulae; elements, molecules, base sequences describing DNA or viruses etc.; stars; coordinates etc. etc. Whatever can be thought of can be used. Codes would not be necessary in the conventional sense unless values were first assigned, being the ultimate coded format, it would not of itself require a code to hide within. All sources input into the containers produce output, and not only one unique form of manipulation. I don't know how many people have even considered assigning values to the glyphs aside form letters looking for language text, that would be an interesting avenue. To put it succinctly the conclusion is - in decoding the manuscript everyone is right, everyone is just uncovering a different aspect.

I had originally only considered the "one translation possible" solution, proof being a beginning to end translation reproducible by anyone, in the medieval (or possibly later) manner of language, showing all the letter variation of grammar tense and possession, but this has never been accomplished by anyone. It may be that this is just the outcome that no one has encountered yet and one day a full and complex text translation in a single language is determined. Language as we define it now is not the only option, and an all-encompassing use of simple verb stems/pictograms only and simple qualifiers for tense would allow the expression of many languages using a smaller range of glyphs. On the most basic human level an outburst of emotion with either a smile or pained expression may show joy or sorrow, no more than a primordial utterance. A word for existence accompanied by the word for joy or sorrow may describe birth or death, two opposite states of being expressed using the same root. Language does not have to be technically complicated and even single words can express many concepts e.g. Sun: day; good; god; life; burn; heat; dry. etc. a straight line with qualifier: weapon; tree; path; one etc. If the Voynich manuscript does not seem in its repetitive simplicity to be able to be readable straight off as a full structured and expressive single language, then that is probably because it is not.

In looking at various language comparisons and at others translation attempts, though no one's translation attempts were accepted as "the solution", it became clear that random junk was not actually being produced and among some common themes emerged. At the same time the astronomical folios were being translated and different events and objects presented in ways that were very different but again not junk. In one folio the astronomy pointed to a comet or star, the same image when combined with text in a specific language and in the picture text the previous Sun, comet, star, astronomer became a god and the text referenced falling rocks, a c15th horoscope. There was no one way.


The suggestion put forward is that it is like an encyclopaedia but with infinite layers rather than pages, and what one sees is literally what one looks for, which page you turn the encyclopaedia to, what layer you look at. Even if you only want one piece of information the rest of the encyclopaedia, whatever it contains in totality is present, and all of it has to be trawled through to find it, and if the query is uncertain then it may be hard to locate still. The rest of it may be interesting and useful outside of the specific search area as its all information. In a way you would see what you want to see, not said in a negative and narrow sense but rather in the broad sense of an entry within an encyclopaedia. Therefore, If you look for astronomy you will find astronomy, if you look for plants you will find botany and medicine, if you look at genetics you will find lifeforms and diseases, if you look at Hungarian, English, German, Mayan, Sanskrit etc. you will find a narrative. You may see jar vs microscope, dragon vs armadillo, zodiac vs calendar vs precession of the equinoxes vs astrological ages. Looking at various attempts over time this seems also to not constrained by time, past, present, future all there - a parchment tesseract. The walking "pi" legs (not a container) on f66r showing the most basic concept for backwards/forwards as does the zodiac. This tesseract would be moved in 4 dimensions via the containers and this concept would not make it your average manuscript, however much it looks like one, whenever it was made.

The 1st three zodiac folios look to be the start of a calendar or astrological zodiac, nothing unusual there, except once again it does not seem to function as a straight up read one-way affair. Beginning in Pisces and working way though astrological symbols to Capricorn (or Sagittarius), beginning in March/February Pisces and forming a monthly or zodiac-based calendar, beginning in Capricorn (or Sagittarius) and working through precession of the Equinoxes back to Pisces. The month Pisces refers to may vary according to tradition and which type of astrological zodiac is referred to, whether pure astronomy and referring to constellations overhead and planets like Mars, or when the Sun is in a constellation. As a calendar function, New Year's start in many months throughout the world often in January or March (spring for farming in Europe), but traditionally in Ireland for example it has started in February, Pisces and March again can account for either February or March . Going backwards the Voynich manuscript zodiac moves through the astrological eras from the age of Capricorn (or Sagittarius) and ends in the age of Pisces, which we are currently in. Pisces being shown as the last and final era in the manuscript, covering history from ~1 AD to now - a time of significance. The two signs before Taurus and Aries are shown quite differently to all the other zodiac folios. The ages of Taurus and Aries cover history from -4000 BC, the start of great achievements of civilizations such as writing and the wheel, and a more refined and ordered society. The Voynich zodiac folios can seemingly fit seamlessly into all guises. Astronomy covering comets, planet positions, stars and events of significance (SN 5 BC on missing Capricorn folio?), astrology, calendar. Backwards <= > forwards in the sky showing many historical events and future ones also?


The harmonizing factor I have found over time is the presentation of an astronomical event and in a number of attempted translations and imagery in the manuscript by various people centre around the "eye". The relevance of the eye is as ancient as man, found in Sumer as the Igigi, the Anunnaki, the Watchers1+2 (good + fallen), the winged gods and demons, the fallen angels, the Nephilim1, the Grigori, the Apkallu and then to Nephilim2 and their spirits, giants and demigods. The eye of God, the evil eye, the eye of Ra, eye of Horus. The fallen angles for example were said to have taught humans the skills of civilisation after being expelled from Eden. The Watchers as fallen angels were said to have taught: Charms; root cuttings and botany (medicine?); knowledge of metals and metal weaponry making and jewellery; body decoration; sorcery; astrology; astronomy; meteorology and seasons; signs of the Sun (zodiac?); cycles of the Moon (and calendar?); metallurgy (different properties of hard and soft metals, iron mentioned for war making); idol making; combat; medicine and pregnancy. And from there onto civilization, accelerated learning, building, farming beyond hunter gatherer or simple farmer, weapons beyond sticks and stones. art, music, perception of passing time etc. The fallen angels are also said to have taken human women as wives and bore offspring of an unnatural chimera that brought havoc, their women becoming sirens. The fallen angels in this category were removed for a time, said to be 70 generations from freedom on Earth to a place of holding (below Earth), but suggests being released after that for a time. Other sources suggest their era of influence after release is short, so for their representatives or followers knowing this point crucial, a start point, a clear and unmistakeable sign.

Could the manuscript have been constructed in order to pinpoint the omen that signals their return, that marks the start of their era of influence on Earth? From the sign to the almost complete destruction of the Earth, the end of civilization built over millennia and all of its knowledge, a return to prehistory and a blank slate for those who survive - with only a timespan of less than 20 years from sign to end? The race is on to find any clue or record of the sign and so recognise it, a hunt through history, manuscripts, petroglyphs, lost civilizations, deep space telescopes, mathematics, the hunt is limitless. While suggesting that the Voynich manuscript shows Pisces as the last era, that does not suggest that a sign is expected in the constellation of Pisces or in February/March, it sets the broad timeframe, the sign undetermined. There are variations in the agreed timings of the age of Pisces but it's pretty much still now plus a way yet.

What could be expected following the sign that could be of great significance - speculation? A time of renaissance unlike any seen before following the sign, technology not dreamt of, a way of life beyond anything imagined immersive between reality and for anyone who wants it, a time to save nature, restore the world to what it would have been without us. The era though would be short-lived, the Earth bombarded by wave after wave of meteors and comets (f68r1) mostly of small size but not all, pushed out of their orbit and into a path with us by the approaching but unknown astronomical phenomenon which I have referred to being called the "Tawny Horse" in the Voynich manuscript. The Earth ripped almost apart by the effect of the Tawny Horse as it approaches near to, but not into the Earth, leaving few survivors, no civilization, no technology, no history, no memory of how to restart. The Watchers would be our champions, our saviours, promising to stop this, but that was never possible or intended, and abandoning the human race to their fate before the worst, they depart to highly technological underground cities to stay for generations in safety. Sustained by AI, DNA and advanced technology allowing them to build and form lifeforms as they see fit, humans apart from a few no longer in their equation, eventually after generations to open their sealed doors and ascend - and we will not be welcome inhabitants of the recovering Earth.


Conclusion - The Voynich manuscript may be one of many sources regarding the sign and its search through history in many differing formats and media, regarding the general subject matter of the Watchers and their relevance to us. Examples may include the Prague, Old Town Square, buildings, clock and the Church of Our Lady before Týn, and the Salvator Mundi. The web of this search is thought to spread much further than the context of this manuscript, into everything that makes up civilisation and throughout history.

Truth, story, myth?
You will see what you want to see and find what you look for.

Watchers1 Original Watchers, not always referred to as fallen
Watchers2 Fallen angels
Nephilim1 Often used interchangeably with Watchers2
Naphilim2 Offspring of fallen angels and women

Re: Theory of everything

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:55 am
by proto57
Hi Bunny: Those are interesting observations, and do fit the situation as we see it. Well of course, as you might suspect, I wouldn't share your opinions after section II, as I tend to be less "spiritual", or whatever one calls it.

But as for the "containers", and everyone can see (and don't they really?) just about anything in there... some points come to mind:

1) If there are these multiple layers of meaning, then how would anyone go about extracting that meaning? We have not even derived one, let alone the many that you speculate could be there.

2) What you describe is actually a "thing"... I cannot remember what it is called, but it is mentioned in Francis Bacon's (fictional utopian novel) The New Atlantis: A sort of universal book that could be read and understood by people of all backgrounds, geographies, languages, whatever. In this case, I think... haven't read it for some time... two columns of light would have to emerge from the ground, or sea, and cast light on the book to allow it TO be read.

3) Not to bring it back to me, but the case you mention is based on an aspect I also wondered about... how the VMs seems to contain much information, from all over, none of it being so far readable or understandable. So you speculate on entirely different reasons we see this multitude of content, and I can't say you are not wrong... "it fits what we see". But here was my own: ... verything/

That was before my current hypothesis, but this phenomenon you note is one of the things which led me to it.

4) It would be unfortunate, in a way, if this is what you suspect... because if all things are possible, the truth can't ever be known. What is real, or what is speculative in the mind of the observer... l what was intended, and what was imagined only... we really could never know, could we? There would be no differnce in any case, and the Voynich could then be said to be whatever the viewer thought it was...

... sort of like now, I suppose, anyway... so no harm, no foul, if so.

Anyway, thank you for the interesting and thought-provoking post, as usual.


Re: Theory of everything

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:04 am
by proto57
Found it! The reference is to the ability for people of ALL backgrounds to be able to read and understand a work... called in the New Atlantis the "Gift of Tongues":

"There was also in both these writings, as well the Book, as the Letter, wrought a great miracle, conform to that of the Apostles, in the original Gift of Tongues. For there being at that time in this land Hebrews, Persians, and Indians, besides the natives, every one read upon the Book, and Letter, as if they had been written in his own language. And thus was this land saved from infidelity (as the remainder of the old world was from water) by an ark, through the apostolical and miraculous evangelism of Saint Bartholomew."

So I looked up "Gift of Tongues":

Reading this, it does seem to differ from your scenario, though, in various ways. But it did remind me of your thoughts, in some other ways... and it does relate to glossolalia, which has been suspected in the Vms.


Re: Theory of everything

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:57 am
by Bunny
Hi Rich,

It is a collection of thoughts after years of observation, certainly not pur forward as proof of. Haha yes thats why I said stop at part II! But many cultures around the world have endings and starts woven into their origins and history but in the western view we are not really allowed mention such things anymore, that is really a statement of fact compared to many cultures who retain their rights, but personal opinions do not require anyone else to share the same opinion, its my take that there are starts and endings, no requirement on anyone else to share same. People are also terrified at the mention of aliens ruining asubject matter's reputation - no aliens here but hey who am I to say, governments spend an awful lot of money trying to track them down for sure! But I digress.

So, take what you will from the thoughts and leave what you won't.

I am interested in how other tokens would fit into the text, such as pure maths, light, sound, etc. Can art be made from it? And if you have ever seen cymatics in action you will know that the area of sound vibration is a very interesting one, never ceases to amaze me. The VM could produce something quite hallucinogenic or maybe just induces mal de mer..!

Overall, it is a case of suggesting input leads to output, whatever you put in something "that is not complete gibberish" comes out. I think people have refered to many results as gibberish because they are not the 1 translation proof required, but there are areas of cominality and no one has explained Robert Teagues results or the gibberings of Steve Ekwall. We do agree though that nothing quite looks right in the imagery, too much of everything not enough clarity of precision to be what it is held up as. While just a really badly drawn c15th manuscript covers it but does not explain all, being a fake explains it (+/_ later with or without meaning) but not people's findings. The intriguing thing that got me was that the only other alternative was that maybe like the Atlantis you mention its not that straight forward in being a single way to be read (though Atlantis example seems more like a language translator for a single text). While even I may not agree logically that it can be read in many or any way desired, it resolves all the loose ends I have found over the years and so I have to consider it, however unlikly, a possibility. The rest after part II is just how things ike the astronomy could fit in, and how it plays out in relation to the whole outside data base of things around the world, in history and various cultures. Opinions so no need to debate any of it, though would like to see some try approaching the text from a non-language point of view.

Back to the day job now,