Voynich women with stars on tethers: Vedder?

Origins, comparisons, dating of Voynich Illustrations
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Voynich women with stars on tethers: Vedder?

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One of my favorite comparisons of Voynich illustrations, to an outside source, is the one made by Ellie Velinska between VMs woman linked to stars at the ends of strings, and Elihu Vedder's 19th century painting and engravings of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades doing the same:

http://ellievelinska.blogspot.com/2013/ ... elihu.html

Ellie has made a composite picture for her article:


... but here are some, using Jason Davies Voynich Manuscript Voyager. Similar illustrations are on several leaves of the Voynich, but here is a sample:

https://www.jasondavies.com/voynich/#f7 ... 0.495/4.00

"Stars with strings" also appear elsewhere in the Voynich, but without the women, such as here:

https://www.jasondavies.com/voynich/#f1 ... 0.529/4.00

At least one researcher has suggested there is some common source for this striking imagery, which may have served as a model for the Voynich women. I have been interested in seeing it. If anyone knows of a source they can cite, or link, that would be great.
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Re: Voynich women with stars on tethers: Vedder?

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Additional Google images are slim and none. The only potentially interesting example was an illustrated initial from the Bedford Hours for the month of May. It shows seven women undistinguished other than the all hold on to a single length of apparent 'rope'. Nothing else found that shows seven sisters in the act of catasterism.

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Re: Voynich women with stars on tethers: Vedder?

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Thank you for checking, Mr. Sale...

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