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Multispectral Images?

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:28 am
by proto57
In 2015, the late Stephen Bax posted this blog entry, about the cover of the Voynich Ms.:

The subject of multi-spectral imaging came up in the comments section. At that time, they had not yet been released. As Nick Pelling noted,

"In my opinion, the only sensible path to move forward with this is one based on openness and transparency, so that individual specialists can contribute to the wider reasoning that needs to take place: and so I continue look forward to anything – literally anything – being made public from the discussions from November 2014, along with the multispectral images, spectroscopic analyses, UV scans, etc that have been captured but which remain resolutely unpublished."

I agree, and did agree in another comment further down. I do know that in the 2017 Yale book, a small selection of multispectrally (sp?) scanned portions were reproduced. But the question I have is this, "Since 2015, have these scans become available in their entirety?". Second best would be an independent analysis of them.

But the problem of a lack of access to them is that various claims can be made about them, including interpretations of those who have been able to see them. I'm a great believer in full access to source materials in any investigation, by amateurs, experts, and everyone in between.

Does anyone know if there is a source to view or download these images?