Them's the breaks

Ideas relating to possible methods and systems for the translation of the Voynich text.
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Them's the breaks

Post by DFS346 »

Climbing Mount Voynich, the Second Step: further thoughts on identifying the "word" breaks in the Voynich manuscript. ... the-breaks

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Re: Them's the breaks

Post by AquilaPausaLoquitur »

I tried wordbreaking on duplicate letters (like ii or cc) but so far results are not that convincing.

second thought is that letters such as chc (case 1 in picture) is same letter as h but with diacritics. for instance in French e and é.
Others such letters include the 2 c linked (see #2) which could be same letter but accented (ie: o and ô)...

works is ongoing on this track but do seems more promising.

diacritics in vms
diacritics in vms
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