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similar code

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 12:09 pm
by mark097

I think Edward Elgar's "Dora Bella cypher is similar to the Voynich. My version has 24 consonants 5 punctuation marks and 58 vowels.

(ae) m e3 i2 (ou) e1, r i2, y, (ae) n ,e3, a1, a2, e3, g, e2,e2,e1,m, m,e2, a2, i1,e3,(i1 ?) n,p

r,e2,r,e1,i1, i2, y, u1,i2,",e2,e2,",e1,? a1, r, e2, n, e2, e1, s, p, a1, a2, i1, y, y,i1, n, p

e2,p, e1, s, p, e2, a2, s, !,? p e2 e3 s a1, P A2 I2 M ? p e1 I2 ? (ou) i

The first line, I think should switch the i1 and ?
The 3rd line the long e's are at 2PM instead of 10 PM ?

Elgar gave free concerts weekly at a "PA" Public Asylum, and Dora's father, a minister, ran one.

I think it says;
Am I your( Pig Latin?) ay-e ne a ay-e ge-e em-me a ay-e i ?n p-
riory I (why) uh-I " e e " eh? a rene es pa AyI (why, why) in P-
epas peas!? P-S, a P-A-I aM? pa I ? oui

This is another guess but folio 66 r the words by the prone body;

Oteh-eo duo-ty ekeeseh eg
Otayo duty exigess ?
I know it's doubtful but I think the right way of thinking.