Ideas relating to possible methods and systems for the translation of the Voynich text.
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Im sorry everyone, but the mystery is solved thanks to computer programming by Mike Nickaloff
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The language is quechua and it is decrypted using this cypher and some words are backwards:

s: 'b',
h: 'u',
e: 'l',
d: 'l',
y: 'a',
q: 's',
o: 'a',
k: 'y',
a: 'a'

Solved using brute force method.

From page AP

poldar olfchey qoky dy qokeey qokeey daiin okeedaky qoteiir shedy dal

translated after decoding and translating from quechua

harvest alfcula stand the slow slowly while the family satliir noise lal


From Page 2:

yruba rule and artrula outside rfuar am
atlla outside and outside lrua ryala ayalar ruala
the ryua ryuaryua is a large lybulla
lar ruayla lair lam ruayla isn't following anyone. Autodesk_new
pataa buar jair rpuaar lar rule of the field ataiin buabua
ruaya rua rtuarbuar the light of the larrula ruala rar rua rtua
sa ar ruallb rular lar rtula lar lar lar larruiala
ayarbuar yar ylrua outside ya outside rtuar while outside
buar ayar outside the box buar lruar attrua lar buala outside the box
taar ruatrula lar ruala isn't following anyone.

Also - some of the words are backwards which is why they don't translate.

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Hi Mike: Well of course that is really interesting, and I can't imagine anyone "hating" you if you are correct. I suppose you mean "others who have their own theories of translation"?

But most would be very happy to see success... at least I know I would. But forgive my skepticism. We have all seen a great many translations, which on first glance seem promising, but when we look closer, turn out to suffer from many points of failure.

1) There are several phrases in your translation which do make sense, but then are of course somewhat repetitive... as of course, Voynichese is repetitive. I would think that an entire translation of the whole text of the Voynich would similarly repeat these phrases, which would then imply lack of real meaning.

2) There is a very low level of translated phrases relative to the large block of untranslated text. I think that we have seen many "solutions" which successfully translate parts of Voynichese, but then fail to go any further.

3) I see you give one reason for the failure to translate these other words and phrases as they are "written backwards"... but how do you know this? Have you tried reversing those words? What happened when and if you did? Did they translate?

4) I would worry that reversing any Voynich "words" would then destroy the order we see in most of them... the observable "word" sections would be... well.. reversed. How and why would this be done, and when would one know when to reverse, and when not to?

That is all I can think of at the moment. But if you are truly convinced you are onto a solution here, I hope you continue your work. And hopefully, also, address my questions and concerns above.

All the best, Rich.
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