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Cryptool 2 _MS-408_ New Cipher_Scytale_VMS to Russian

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 7:34 pm
by Stellarwest

Dear Voynich Net Members, ... Q&index=13

You know all these shenanigans wrapped around the MS-408, along with making it look a half of a millennium earlier than its publication date; this really makes some of the Academicians at Yale look either moronic or complicit as in its provenance. I know very little regarding the Grolier Club and I'm inclined to think that part of the MS-408 mystery in its conception may delve into a conspiracy with these folks. What I do know about Yale is that they also retain a brotherhood of skull and bones members. These characters maybe Freemasons, Illuminati and elites as in a class which comes from money not often brains acquiring top positions in governments and high paying corporate jobs. I would not doubt that some of the Bones members are lobbyists dabbling along the dark-side of politics within Congress inside the good ole USA. This digital op-ed, as it is a record of my opinion that the MS-408 does contain extremely sensitive data and maybe this is why for its cover up, it may contain military secrets.

As some of you do know I have used an anagram Morse Code cipher for MS-408 and I don't doubt that I have uncovered some info of its content in that manner. What I'm stating is it is actually a two state cipher anagram Morse Code and the other utilizes the Russian language as in a Scytale, as hard as that is to be true.

In cryptography, a scytale (/ˈskɪtəliː/; also transliterated skytale, Ancient Greek: σκυτάλη skutálē "baton, cylinder", also σκύταλον skútalon) is a tool used to perform a transposition cipher, consisting of a cylinder with a strip of parchment wound around it on which is written a message. The ancient Greeks, and the Spartans in particular, are said to have used this cipher to communicate during military campaigns.

However, I have come upon an additional cipher utilizing Cryptool 2 which actually does work with the Russian language and the Voynich Manuscript. Wilfrid and maybe a group from the Vatican had to work on this. Just look @ Ros2

Anyway, if you are interested and I know some of you are, than here is my latest cipher as a side to the Morse Code Anagram Cipher to the VMS. Reply and tell me if you have and trouble with the setup or instructions on how decode this from Russian to English. ... sp=sharing

Use this site to type in the Russian than copy the words to Deepl Russian to English. I believe the first word of folio 1r is Asphalt believe or not! ... lation.htm#
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Re: Cryptool 2 _MS-408_ New Cipher_Scytale_VMS to Russian

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 10:22 am
by Stellarwest


Well I finished the video which explains how to utilize the VMS to Russian Scytal Cipher. Here also again is the link to the Voynich Russian Scytal Cipher Cryptools 2.0. ... s7rThWwvfq