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Not so poor...

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:13 pm
by proto57
On the Facebook page "Decoding the Voynich Manuscript", Marcuzio Isauro posted an image of a 1912 postcard of the Villa Mondragone (see below), and some other contemporary photographs of the opulent interiors of the Villa.

"WORLD VILLA: Postcard of 1912, recto and verse, year of alleged sale of the Voynich manuscript. A janitor is depicted with an olive grove with the imposing structures of the college. Postcards from the end of [1800] and the first decades of [1900], note the exclusive and elegant condition of the Jesuit board. How is it possible to imagine that Jesuits during that time were in the grim conditions of selling out the RAREST BOOK IN THE WORLD?"
1912_villa_postcard_800x.gif (176.53 KiB) Viewed 2027 times

I admitted I had not thought of it exactly this way. I answered his post,

"Marcuzio, you make an excellent point. I had not thought of this aspect of the sale. This claim that they needed money... when they were probably doing quite well. There are many other claims about the place, and the sale, that do not "ring true". This is another, very good one...".

There are many implications to this of course, and you know what mine is.