High End Support for Voynich Microscopes

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High End Support for Voynich Microscopes

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Rene Zanbergen posted some pictures and announced the opening of a Voynich museum by the editors of the premiere replica of the Voynich, Siloé Publishers:


It looks like a wonderful exhibit, and I hope to visit it at some point. But what especially interested me is that Siloé has apparently embraced the core of my theories, which is that many of the Voynich jars actually represent microscopes! They even used a picture of a Divini device in the display, one of the original models I used in my 2007 Voynich article in Renaissance Magazine.

I would imagine they are aware of my theories, but even if they are not, it is support of this aspect of my work, because at least we know that they, too, believe these may be microscopes.


At some point I'd like to contact them and see if I had some influence on this. I did ask if anyone has seen the display card, but have not heard back yet. If any here is in Spain and goes to this exhibit, I'd ask if you could share the description of this display with me.

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