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Major Automated break through for the Voynich Manuscript

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:48 am
by Stellarwest
Cryptools 2.1
Cryptools 2.1
Automated decryption Voynich Manuscript Cryptools 2.1.PNG (150.83 KiB) Viewed 867 times

@ To all whom wish to know how to speak Voynich

First off, I wish to thank Rich SantaColoma for showing me a link to what I think is one of the best cryptographic programs out online available for download named Cryptools 2.1 After a week of crashing my head into all wall, I figured out how to automate a decryption for MS-408 utilizing Cryptools 2.1. This was a 16 year effort and it is finished. :shock:

Go to this youtube and it has all the links from my google drive to decode the Michal Voynich 1910 hoax manuscript.

Re: Major Automated break through for the Voynich Manuscript

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 8:41 am
by Stellarwest
Voynich Manuscript and Cryptools 2.1

Well good news I fixed the input file to represent the true nature of the Eva hand 1 font. Thus making it so a decoding process with what I call at first exotic Morse code to Morse code then Italian. The previous cvs file in the first post was miss reporting the eva font.

You will have to install the eva1.ttf so that the program works

I provide new file downloads with this link and video along

download files and installl them: ... qclTkaKZ2G