New Voynich Doc has aired...

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New Voynich Doc has aired...

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Well this will be a duplicate, as I posted to the VMS-net List, but the links get corrupted in the transfer, and not everyone reading this forum is a subscriber anyway. So:

The new Travel Channel Voynich documentary is out. It has Lisa Fagen Davis, Bill Sherman, Gordon Rugg, another woman I’m sorry I forgot the name… and yours truly.

Not sure why it aired already, because the Travel Channel has the documentary listed as coming up in the future… but Lisa Fagen Davis, who is also in the show, posted on the Ninja site that it aired in an episode called “Hidden Relics”. Here is the link to it: ... en-relics?

You would just have to log onto your (American) cable provider, when that link pops up, and you can watch it. But someone also posted it on a video sharing site (that I never heard of):

Anyway, I think they did a great job all around. Very quality. Not very controversial in any way, but that is par for the course on these… they just want to show the mystery of it, for general interest.

And they used my 3D CAD illustrations of the “Rosettes” pages, in the show! The video editor had written me asking my permission… but of course I was not sure they would be part of the show. So that was a very nice surprise. They did credit me at the end, too, under “media”.

Anyway, grab your popcorn, and rotten tomatoes if you like, and “enjoy”.
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