Histocrypt is on for 2021 !

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Histocrypt is on for 2021 !

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Because of Covid, of course, Histocrypt 2020 had to be cancelled. However there is a date for 2021

https://scienceblogs.de/klausis-krypto- ... rs-crossed

As Klaus Schmeh explains in his blog post, above, "The HistoCrypt 2021 is scheduled for September 20-22 in Amsterdam. The Call for Papers is running until February 21. Let’s hope that the Covid-19 situation has improved by then."

Given the great news about new, promising vaccines, that by the time of HistoCrypt things will be back to pretty much normal.

You can read more about HistoCrypt on the official site: https://www.histocrypt.org/2021/. There is information there for both attending as audience and for submitting papers for consideration as speaker. Here is an overview video, by Klaus, of the 2019 Histocrypt, in Belgium:

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Re: Histocrypt is on for 2021 !

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Thanks for sharing! After HistoCrypt 2020 had to be canceled, I hope that the 2020 issue will take place as planned. I'm looking forward to it.

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