Persian as precursor language

Ideas relating to possible methods and systems for the translation of the Voynich text.
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Persian as precursor language

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Here are some thoughts on Persian as a possible precursor or underlying language of the Voynich manuscript, occasioned by a correspondence on the Voynich ninja forum: ... -precursor

240124 v101Z v104Z v213Z FA top 10 symbols.jpg
240124 v101Z v104Z v213Z FA top 10 symbols.jpg (63.54 KiB) Viewed 966 times
The Voynich manuscript, v101Z, v104Z and v213Z transliterations, “herbal” section, the ten most frequent glyphs; and the ten most frequent letters in a corpus of the works of forty-eight Persian poets. Author's analysis; Persian letter frequencies by courtesy of bi3mw.

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