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All the 6's

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Having read the thread in the theory section on f84v by Proxys, this is kind of related but not directly so posting in the on/off topic section. A number of years ago when looking at the VM in relation to Hebrew I looked at other applications also. In a nut shell, referencing proto-Hebrew and using Hebrew gamatria to calculate 666 into words, the results computed as follows:

The number 666, it is the number of humans but also computes to be the name of the beast. The mark and the number of the beast is directly equated to be the same as its name. The number of man is directly equated to be the same as the number of the beast, ergo, the number of man also equates to man's name.

arithmos anthrōpos
number of man (man also may reference humans, not just "a man" option). Calculate the number of man.
= Cartouche/nomination increasing sorrow

ho charagma ho anoma ho thērion ē ho arithmos autos anoma
the mark, that is the name of the beast or the imprinted mark of his name.
name of the beast calculates to be
= Cartouche/nomination that which separates.

The name of the beast is separation and the impressed mark will serve to separate humans from God, and humans from other humans. The name of humans (as it is directly connected to the number of the beast) is sorrow and the separation will increase human sorrow.

For anyone who may be interested, or not.


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