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Sam Handwich
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Patterns today

Post by Sam Handwich »

I have gone through every page in the manuscript. I can see patterns that suggest to me that there is not enough characters changing at a rate that would allow for transmission of ideas or language. I have also studied the pictures and, to me, they are clearly deliberate red herrings, meant to mislead or fool. My initial analysis took only 17 hours and it seems clear this is a deliberate forgery. I think I could replicate one myself given the right blank parchment and inks.

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Re: Patterns today

Post by proto57 »

Hi Sam: I can't reflect on your method used to determine there is no meaning, as there is not enough information for me to agree or disagree.

But of course I do wholeheartedly agree with your overall impression, that the Voynich is simply a fake. ... ypothesis/

As for creating replicas of the pages, you ought to go for it. Several people have, including Gordon Rugg and myself, and found that doing so gives a great understanding as to just how easy and fast this was to create. My short page took 15 minutes, I think Gordon took an hour or two for a more detailed page. Here is mine:

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