Voynich Manuscript Mailing List Subscriptions

In April of 2015, the Voynich Net moved to a new, faster server. The old majordomo was no longer compatible with this server and associated programs, so a move was made to the Mailman mailing list program. Instructions as to how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the vms-list can now be found on the Mailman interface, here:


That page is linked directly from the voynich.net main page, but I am leaving this old subscribe page up for now, as it is linked directly from several sources.

If you have trouble with your subscription, send email to the list administrator explaining the problem.

Please turn off HTML in your email, and do not send attachments in your messages; if you want to share something formatted or large, put it on a website or ftp site and share the URL.

More and more ISP's are installing mail filters. Some of them will bounce suspected spam to the list owner or the original sender, and some will send mail to the list owner asking for some sort of confirmation or response. The latter will not happen: you're responsible for your own spam filters, so if you suspect you are not getting all the messages you should check the on-line list archives and compare them with what you've received. If you run into trouble, it may help to switch mail servers.

The list owner also receives bounces complaining about full mailboxes. These will be ignored for several days, but after a longer period the address will be removed from the list. If you return from a long trip to a full mailbox, you may need to re-subscribe.

Rich SantaColoma, vms-list admin.

Please send suggestions regarding this web page to webmaster@voynich.net.