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VMS in the Fortean Times

Hi all,
Happy new year. In the Jan 2000 of the Fortean Times (UK) thereis 
an article by Mike Jay (?) on the vms called "Maze of madness".
The article has several small pictures: f88r, f78r (whole page, the 
only "readable"), f68v1-f69r and f33v-f34r and engravings of the 
portraits of Bacon, Kircher and Dee.
The review is Ok although it lacks all the new details on the 
ownership of the manuscript that Rene has discovered recently.
The article states about 3 times that "many have gone mad in the 
process" which I wonder whether it is correct -- the author does not 
substantiate the claim anywhere.

I briefly mentions the solution claims by Newbold, Strong, Stojko, 
Levitov, and Brumbaugh. 

The rest of the magazine is of very dubious content, so I have the 
feeling that the "going mad in the search" claims are for attracting 
audience purposes.