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Re: Request For Status: Language vs. Cipher / Facsimile Edition

Andreas Wilhelm schrieb:

> Hi All,


> I am currently trying to wade throught the whole of Jim's compiled
> mailing list traffic (which is a great thing with which to start off!),
> however to shorten my efforts it would be great if I could get a
> summarised status of discussion on two issues:
> Language vs. Cipher

This issue has been discussed most actively in a more distant past.
Nothing beats wading through the archive to get all the arguments.

> Are there people actively working on a "decipherment"
> of the book or are people mainly envolved in the structural and
> linguistic (semantic) analysis?

What I think has happened over the last few years is a shift to
more detailed analysis of the structure of the text. This is working
'towards' a solution rather than 'on' one. Thus, the question 
'cipher vs language' is postponed until after the solution is found :-)
Opinions will still differ among the various people, but since there
is little hard evidence (and piles of pointers in all directions)
it is not very useful to have prolongend "yes it is / no it isn't" 

> btw: Is the text of Newbold's "decipherment" and possibly the
> counter-arguments available online or digitally?

There is a defender of Newbold on-line. His name is Michel Theroux.
I lost the URL (I intend to include it in my web site).
You will find some of what you're looking for at that site.

Cheers, Rene