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Re: John Chadwick (Linear B) of corpus size. Comments invited.

On 12 May 00, at 8:35, andras@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The 0th step of the analysis is to arrange the symbols in frequency
> order.

I think that your example may apply once you know the character set 
(I am not sure that I follow the analysis correctly, though).
The problem seems to be (in Jacques example) to "get" the 
characters right to then get the minimum corpus size for decoding. 
I.e. an  NN* case in Stolfi's classification.

The questions may be rephrased as:

1. How much can one dissect the unknown script to make sure that 
one is dealing with a character? 

and then comes:

2. Given that dissected set, does Chadwick's law apply?

I have the feeling that Jacques example was questioning of 2 when 
you do not know 1.