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Re: John Chadwick (Linear B) of corpus size. Comments invited.

Here are another pair of cents.

The proposed binary encoding is a bit of a nasty trick and
I suspect that Chadwick's knee-jerk reaction to such a trick
might be something like: that's not what I meant.

If the binary encoding is done without loss of information
(which would be fair), one needs two more symbols: a character
space and a word space. These were available before too.
Then, any child will see that instead of 4 symbols, there 
really are N+2 macro-symbols, and one is back to square 1.
So Chadwick's rule (valid or not) could be rephrased (in a 
way that makes it pretty useless) by working with such macro-

That was $0,01. Here's nr.2: How does Chadwick's formula apply
to the VMs? Looks pretty good for us I'm sure. So do we have
one counter-example to his rule here? Or does his rule one
work in one direction: you can't ... if you've got fewer than...

Cheers, Rene