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Re: An inventory of the collections of Rudolpf II

I wrote

> I presume, by implication, that you can read German.

and Karl:

> Actually, not a blessed word -- but I can fax or mail copies to someone
> who can...

I see :-)

The first reference (analecta reginensia) contains a section
(in German) about the Inventory of only four or so pages.

On the other hand the second book (Bauer & Haupt) is likely to
be much longer and copying is likely to be unfeasible.
(Note that the original MS has >400 pages and it isn't excluded
that the book contains the transcription....).

If it isn't too much of a hassle it might be worth just having
a look at it and sending us a short description. At the same
time I will provide a translation of the complete reference I
     Cheers, Rene