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Re: An inventory of the collections of Rudolpf II

Karl wrote:
> [...] We do have
>  Author:         Platen, Magnus von. ed.
>  Title:          Queen Christina of Sweden; documents and studies.
>  Published:      Stockholm, 1966.
>  Description:    389 p., (1) l. illus. 25 cm.
>  Series:         Sweden. Nationalmuseum. Skriftserie, nr. 12.
>                  Analecta reginensia, 1.
>  SUBJECT HEADINGS (Library of Congress; use s=):
>                  Kristina, Queen of Sweden, 1626-1689..
>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   LOCATION:              CALL NUMBER:               STATUS:
>   FINE ARTS              DL 719 .P72                Chkd-Out, Due: 06/01/2000
> I can put a hold on it, if you like -- I need to put holds on a couple other
> things anyways. The other reference, unfortunately, is held in Special
> Collections, meaning I'd have to get over there during business hours. I'll
> see if I can make some time this week.

Wow! You've been more lucky than I - no hits so far in the libraries
whose catalogues I can access online (well, the ones I tried).

I presume, by implication, that you can read German.
The second reference should, according to my interpretation, be 
the more interesting one, but if anyone in the list knows that this
catalogue has already been combed by somone knowledgeable about the
VMs, he/she could save us some time by speaking up :-)

Cheers, Rene