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Re: About Thaddeus Hajek

    > I do have copies of the Czech versions, but can read only
    > every 20th word or so, which simply is not enough to make 
    > any sense out of them. When Stolfi and I were in Prague,
    > we were shown a Czech copy of the one about Dee. 

My Czech reading level is 5% lower than Rene's ;-),
but I did scan that book for recognizable names, while Ree was
hunting in the card catalog.  I got the impression that the 
relevant parts of the book were indeed based on sources
which we already knew. 

    > For one
    > thing, the Dee copy mentions (in 1994 if not earlier) that
    > Georg Baresch was the owner of the VMs prior to Marci. This
    > could mean one of two things:
    > - he did have access to some sources we don't know about
    > - he extrapolated this from the hints in Brumbaugh's book, to
    >   which he would have had access
My recolletion is that Brumbaugh's name occurs near the place where
Baresch's name is mentioned. Is that so?
All the best,