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Pronouns, where are they?

Another set of words (besides articles) that are typically very
short are pronouns.  Pronouns affect verb conjugation and
(sometimes) change with case.  If the gallows characters
represented a pronoun/case marker you could dispense with verb
conjugations and noun declensions by inserting the marker into
the word.  This would shorten your average word length and
account for the fact that gallows characters are often alike
when placed next to each other.  A language that had a
relatively regular word order might require the pronoun/case
marker to be included (in an abbreviated cipher version) in
instances where you had a compound subject or object, to keep
you from thinking that one was a subject and the following was
an object or several other instances where it might be
confusing.  The gallows characters might be a 'bit' that encodes
the pronoun and/or case.  This might also account for the heavy
use of gallows at the beginning of lines, as well as the seeming
lack of articles.  Thoughts?