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Re: About Turkish

Mark wrote:

> Since it seems to be a thing "in" to share the knowledge of Turkish
> numerals, here are the same numerals in Uzbek [...]

> Why is it of importance for VMs list? 

I can think of various reasons. 
Someone once wrote that the Voynich MS is not in Turkish (I can't
remember if it was D'Imperio or perhaps in one of the old SciAm
However, this statement came without supporting arguments, so we
disbelieve it. 

In addition, especially in the earlier days of the mailing list it has
been demonstrated many times that it is possible to produce a reasonable
argument for *any possible* origin of the Voynich MS. It will be easy
to find several scenarios which place a copy of an originally Turkish
MS at Rudolf's court around 1600 (with or without involvement of Dee).
My attempt would go through George of Trebizond, who was (in)famous
for his odd relationship with Constantinople.
The astro section of the MS would in that case originate from no
other than Ulugh Begh.

In short: the VMs *could* be of Turkish origin, or derive from a
Turkish source MS. It may not be the most likely option, but it
is worth (or rather: fun) to toy with the idea. And this leads
to other ideas and question. It's like a long-distance, slow-motion
kind of brainstorming.

Cheers, Rene