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Re: Misovsky's MS in Uppsala

Jorge Stolfi wrote:

>     > quod velis... ... Applicatio ad quodvis idioma. Occultus occulti
>     > scribendi modus, quem nemo mortalium queat penetrare. ...

> I can't quite udnerstand the Latin, but I got the impression that
> Raphael's code is some sort of invented language.  Is that right?

I don't understand it well, either. Jim Reeds has already noted
that it offers a quick way to learn Czech, but also a repetition
of Latin and most interestingly a way of secret writing.

As I said in another message, I do not think Dr. Raphael could
produce VMS - but if he had seen it by 1628, he may have
mentioned it in the "occulti scribendi" section and perhaps
give some details about its provenance ("bearer's" name) etc.

Also, a sample of his handwriting (and foliation) would be

Best regards,