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Voynich Ms. mailing list administrivia

Welcome to the new members I've just added to the list, and to
the others that I've been adding more regularly since the last
administrivia message.  This would be a good time for people to
summarize what they're working on and to give a web page (if
any) for further reading.  I'll suggest Jim Reeds' page as a
starter -- it has links to most of the others.  It's at:
http://www.research.att.com/~reeds/voynich.html .  Jim has a
good archive of the list's messages, but don't expect it to be
updated in real time.

A few notes for the newbies and reminders for the dinos:

- In keeping with the medieval nature of the Manuscript, this list
  run on software constructed with stone knives and bearskins.  In
  particular, it is not a majordomo list.

- Never send administrative messages to voynich@xxxxxxxx -- they
  should all go to jim@xxxxxxx .  They will be acted on in due
  course, which could be within the hour or within the month,
  depending on my workload and scuba diving.

- Messages for the entire group go to voynich@xxxxxxxxx

- If you haven't gotten Voynich mail for a month, or if it drops
  off abruptly in the middle of a heated exchange, let me know.
  When email addresses bounce for several days I remove them from
  the list without ceremony.  Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL addresses are
  all welcome, but may get a little less slack than more permanent
  addresses when bouncing starts.

- Turn off HTML and don't send attachments to the list.
  Plain text only, please.  URLs are welcome for data sharing.
  Eschew obnoxiously long signatures and meaningless legal

Unlikely as it may seem after almost 90 years of the modern
age of Voynich analysis, I have the impression that we're actually
beginning to make progress, in terms of observations of more
observed structure and improved access.

We currently have 122 members.

Welcome to the list!
	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 13 Afterlithe S.R. 2000, 05:39, 1 Manik 10 Tzec, First Lord of Night