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Re: More unhinged rantings

	Whatever Michael Lima sounds only a little unhinged to
me.  Vickie had severe depression, which may have been
distorting her cognition.  Now Francis Dec is clearly


Note the long strings of adjectives related by sound
rather than meanings.  

	There's a spectrum to all these things.  The only sure
case I know of a (possibly) disturbed person who
invents his own alphabet, and possibly
language/representation system/etc. is James Hampton. 
Unfortunately the easy-to-understand pages on him are
gone.  His work is at the National Museum of American


	I ordered a microfilm of his notebook in Hamptonese
from the Smithsonian and made a copy.  Since I'm
stymied for now on the VMs, I may do some work on it.


mskala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I find the use of the word "heliogram" in the first posting especially
> interesting - it may simply be the result of a computer spell-checker
> (since "heliogram" *is* a real word), but it also seems like a mistake a
> human with a cognitive problem might make.  Note that Lima seemed to have
> been posting from Quebec, where a lot of people speak French natively, and
> he was posting in English, so it's possible that there's a language
> barrier involved as well, although I can't really believe that the
> strangeness of his postings is solely due to bad translation.