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Re: Voynich at Home

Hi folks,

I'm brand new to the list, and therefore I thought it would be appropriate me to throw in an ill-informed and un-asked-for opinion. :)

Richard B wrote:
> Voynich at Home?  Maybe there's some way to adapt the SETI
> screen-saver?

Ignoring for the moment the fact that at least 20 people would actually
participate, I think it's unlikely to be fruitful, since generally these types of
distributed computing systems (SETI at Home, distributed.net) always have a known brute-force approach to cracking their particular nut.

I think we need more (human-generated) "Aha!" type experiences, followed by modest computation, rather than a massive brute force approach. My Ahas,
incidentally, usually occur in the shower. How about Voynich-in-shower?

- Jim