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Re: WG: average word length in VMS

Dennis wrote:

>         (Even further afield.  Can anyone tell me what the
> Polish word "potrzebie" means?  English-speakers
> pronounce this word, used in the adolescent humor
> magazine MAD, "pah-tur-ZEE-bee", but the Poles
> pronounce it "poh-CHEB-yeh".  I thought it meant
> "aspirin" but the Poles say "aspirin" too.)

The Polish word "potrzebie" probably taken from sentance.
It look like in sentance it was "w potrzebie" which means:
in need, to want etc.
The root word "potrzeba" means, need, want, requirements, necessity.
The best way to prenounce the word "potrzebie"is PO-TCHE-BIE.