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Re: Another language candidate for the VMS

Hi Folks

Anyone else seen the movie Krippendorf's Tribe?

Not much relevance to Voynich, but does remind
us how much fakery might be going on with all these
Lost Tribes and Unknown Languages.  I confess
the lead character did remind me a little of our
Mr Guy.

On a more closely related topic - I've recently read
a couple of books that insisted Dee's Enochian is
a real language.  And since one of them was
decidedly unflakey, I thought I'd ask for opinions
and maybe references.

Life goes on.  Made it to Peru last December and
did some work on the Phaistos Disc.  Won't manage
Easter Island this year, maybe next...

Happy Winter Solstice Holiday and looking forward
to the real new millennium...

Robert Firth