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Re: Another language candidate for the VMS

Robert Firth wrote:
> On a more closely related topic - I've recently read
> a couple of books that insisted Dee's Enochian is
> a real language.  And since one of them was
> decidedly unflakey, I thought I'd ask for opinions
> and maybe references.

	What "a real language" is depends on definition. 
Pidgin languages are very limited in expressive power
compared to what we call "natural languages", yet they
serve their purpose.

	In working on Hamptonese, I coined some new terms. 
"Neoglossy" is producing a new language in an altered
state of consciousness, and a "neoglossa" is such a new
language.  The only fully documented case of neoglossia
of which I am aware is Helene Smith's Martian.  

	It seems to me that Kelly was not someone who could
have sat down at a table, formulated a grammar for
Enochian, listed a lexicon for it on the basis of
Latin, Greek, and Hebrew roots, and then used it at
will.  It seems more likely that Enochian was a

	I do not know what sort of grammar Enochian has.  It
might be no more than a pidgin.  Someone else will have
to answer that.  

> Life goes on.  Made it to Peru last December and
> did some work on the Phaistos Disc. 

	I'd be most interested in what you've found on the
Phaistos Disk.

> Happy Winter Solstice Holiday and looking forward
> to the real new millennium...

	And a happy Chanukah and Kwanzaa to you too!


> Robert Firth