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My name is Jim Finn and I was told by Mr Landini that the best place to get answers to questions would be here.
I, like everyone else i guess, am working on a translation of the text. I have the first seven lines of page one, <f1r.P1.1;H>-<f1r.P2.7;H> translated according to what I know about the ancients. I am not ready to make a big deal out of this yet and simply have a question. There is a word in <f1r.P1.4;H>, cth*ar. Now the * is a mark for something undecipherable in the text. I find it curious that it would be where it is. There is another "mark", *. odar. in line seven. Again I find this curious. Now it well may be a blotch or simply an undecipherable letter. I need to know what those marks are. If it is a symbol it belongs in the text. It will broaden the translation as I see it. If its a simple letter or blotch, then thats what it is, but if anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it tremendously.