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Re: Voynich Article

Adams Douglas wrote:

> Daniel Harms wrote:
> >
> > All,
> >
> > Much as I hate to admit it, the MS. has hit the big time, but not quite
> > in the way we wanted.  There was an article on the Voynich Manuscript
> > published in the _Weekly World News_ for March 7, pp. 40-41.  They
> > didn't talk to Yale or any of the conventional scholars - the best they
> > could do was land Mike Jay, the author of the previously-mentioned
> > Fortean Times article.  The piece reads as if his had been placed on a
> > fourth-grade reading level and completely sensationalized (though
> > FT is not necessarily a paragon of journalism to begin with...)
> Don't feel too bad. The WWN recently won a libel suit by arguing that no
> one believes what they print anyway.
> -Adams
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Well alas it seems to have gotten quiet again. Very quiet. I fear I will have
to start posting things to set people off, like wild and wooly theroies by
Ternece and Dennis Mc Kenna form Invisible Landsacpes. Shall I dare try. Some
of it is weird and I am disinclined to say itholds much matter. But somehow
the phrase: "I don't want to be a giant insect!!!" has a certain ring to it.
Perhaps he read a a but too much Kafka or hraven forbid too many Gor Bad
Sci-Fi novels before bedtimes. If Frueds day residue theories holds.

Anyway that aside has anyone received more info and did the project to
produce a photo fascisimile come to anything at all. Of is that another one
of those things as the song goes: "We had some many dreams and now they have
faded out of view.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. Trying to wake some of the dead ....Hopefully safely