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Re: Voynich Article T Mc Kenna Dead??

Dennis wrote:

> Steve Kudlak wrote:
> >
> > Adams Douglas wrote:
> >
> > > Don't feel too bad. The WWN recently won a libel suit by arguing that no
> > > one believes what they print anyway.
> > >
> > > -Adams
>         And, be it noted, John Stojko first learned of the
> Voynich Manuscript from the National Enquirer, the
> USA's most infamous tabloid weekly.
> > Well alas it seems to have gotten quiet again. Very quiet. I fear I will have
> > to start posting things to set people off, like wild and wooly theroies by
> > Ternece and Dennis Mc Kenna form Invisible Landsacpes.
>         Terence McKenna is dead.  I had never heard of Dennis
> McKenna.  Is he Terence's son?  I regret that I never
> discussed my debunking of Levitov with Terence.
>         What is the book "Invisible Landscapes"?
> >  Shall I dare try. Some
> > of it is weird and I am disinclined to say itholds much matter. But somehow
> > the phrase: "I don't want to be a giant insect!!!" has a certain ring to it.
> > Perhaps he read a a but too much Kafka or hraven forbid too many Gor Bad
> > Sci-Fi novels before bedtimes. If Frueds day residue theories holds.
>         Frogguy and I had a long silly discussion on writing a
> bogus VMs decipherment that would be a good enough read
> that Yale would see that there was a market for a good
> facsimile of the VMs. We resolved some important issues
> that have tripped up former creators of claimed
> decipherments.
>         However, as Jim has noted to the list, the move to
> disk the VMs is still on with Yale.  And there's always
> Octavo if the in-house effort takes too long.
>         Having said that, I'd be most interested to hear your
> ideas for a bogus decipherment!  Crackpot theories are
> always fun.
> Dennis

I am having an awful schocking night. Terence McKenna is dead? He and his borther
went off to
South America, speficly a region in the Amazon. He was most known for his love of
pyschedelic mushrooms. He would often spout off (are those the right words) on all
sorts of weird things. He had a somewhat more conservastive brother that was
associated with Stanford University at the time.

They would often visit places, For example I was living in Santa Cruz, CA at the
time and he gave a presentation there along with his brother. His book with his
brother Dennis called Invisible Landscapes is a weiorness romp in itself. He ties
together all sorts of things psychoactive mushrooms,. human evolution, the I Ching
and schizophrenia to name a few. Since it has been quite around these parts I'll do
a a resynopsis over the next coupla days if anyone wants or just for fun.

How did you find out he was head allmy refs sdsay 1946- which indicates he is still
alive and would in his middle 50s. So please pray tell me how did you find this
out. I'll ask around the weirness circuit.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. Excuse my typos have been up for ages. ...at this point...