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Re: Voynich -- Opening The Doors #2

Hello John,
     Yes, I agree with your caution concerning the B&W copyflo's. I think of the black and white of the leopard and possible reference to the Black and White Gulephs of Florence/Tuscany, the darkness and light of night and day, the plant life below and above ground, the black outline of the plant drawings later filled in with color which may imply an artistic style of painting. I don't know that there is any deep meaningful significance here. It's just something I see. Do we know all the colors associated with each page of the manuscript? Also, I am interested in knowing if the manuscipt has been transcribed to the EVA font. I appreciate your help.

Dana Scott

John Grove wrote:

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There seems to be some reference to black and white in the Voynich manuscript --- The Guelphs later split into two separate rival groups called the Blacks and the Whites. But there is more.
I've tried to steer clear of any Black & White concepts that have emerged solely due to the B&W copyflo's... The dark and light colours within the zodiacs are indeed colours and not B&W distinctions. John.
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