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Re: Voynich -- Opening The Doors #2

    > [Dana Scott:] I am interested in knowing if the manuscipt has
    > been transcribed to the EVA font.

A complete transcription in the EVA encoding is available at

That file actually contains most of the transcriptions that have been
published so far, including Takeshi Takahashi's --- which covers
(almost?) the whole text. The various versions are interleaved and
aligned through the use of "!" fillers. The format (EVMT) is rather
complicated; it is explained in detail within the file itself, and is
understood by Rene's VTT tool.

A character-by-character majority-vote version of all those 
transcriptions is available at


    > Do we know all the colors associated with each page of the
    > manuscript? Also,

Comments in the interlinear file list the colors that occur
in each page, whenever that information was obtained (mostly
from first-hand reports by Rene and Jim Reeds).  Also, a few
color images are available at Beinecke's WWW site.

All the best,