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Re: Voynich -- Opening The Doors #2

Hello Rene,
   Yes, I agree the style of the Book Of Hours is suggestive of the
times. I think we can safely say the written manuscript of the Voynich
document is European and that the author has seen copies of the Book Of
Hours, especially since it was the most printed text of its time. I
would like to say that the individual who wrote this manuscript was
brought up and educated in a Christian/Renaissance world. I realize that
this can easily be disputed, but I am looking at high degrees of
probability here. Thank you again.

Dana Scott

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> Various thoughts related to Dana's latest post:
> I do not see any clear parallel between the Voynich MS
> and a book of hours, to be honest. If this suggestion
> is based
> on the illustration attached to the earlier E-mail,
> then I
> would say that such illustrations are quite generic
> and may
> be found in many books.
> Also, the illustration in Leo looks like a clear
> lioness to
> me. The way in which it is depicted, with the tail
> forward
> between the hind legs and up in the air can be seen in
> other zodiacs as well.
> I do like the Dante MS, however. Even though it is
> written and drawn in a very different manner from
> the Voynich MS, the pools with little people inside
> are very suggestive.
> Cheers, Rene
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