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Voynich -- Opening The Doors #3

Has it been pointed out that if we look closely at the third circular
diagram (going left-to-right / top-to-bottom)
 |   |   |
 |   |   |
on the fold-out page following folio 85 we can see what looks like a
walled city on the left side of the third diagram? There appears to be a
bridge across to the second circular diagram from the third diagram with
additional buildings and walls. There may also be another tower on the
third diagram (medallion?) with its top pointing to the bridge
connecting to the sixth diagram. If we look closely (may need a
magnifying glass) at the battlements on the walls surrounding the city
on the left side of the third diagram we can see that the architectural
shape of the battlement is the swallow tail style found throughout
Tuscany and other parts of Italy. For example, take a look at the second
and third pages at the following Website:


My point here is that this is yet another example of a connection to
Italy, and I think more precisely Tuscany with its walled cities.
Admittedly this design can probably be found in other parts of Europe (I
think it may come from Germany actually), but it is prevalent in
Tuscany. Remember now the premise is that everything is purposeful in
the VMS. Yes, I realize that I could draw a pagoda but that doesn't
necessarily mean that I am from Japan. It may be a minor point, but it
is just one more indication of a probable origin.

I know that I am stretching a bit hear, but just for fun lets consider
Taurus the white bull and the Atrological charts for a moment. Notice
the distinct shape of the horns? Not all cows (bulls?) horns look like
this. Believe me, I know. I'm a plantation boy and worked on a dairy
farm when I was a kid. Now lets look at the following pictures (you may
need to page down a bit at the Websites):


These are Maremman cattle, well known in Tuscany.

Dana Scott

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