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V-shaped battlements

Hello Dana,

you should have a look at Dennis Stallings' precedents
web page:
(first bullet under 'My Contributions')
You will find much of interest there.

You will be amused to hear that the two types of
battlements (with
or without the V-notch) are known in Italy as
"ghibellini and guelfi"

These battlements may be found in large parts of
northern Italy,
especially just South of the Alps. They are used in
castles of which
I particularly like Fenis, Marostica and Bellinzona
(all well represented
on the web) and on palaces, walls and bridges in many
N.Italian cities
(Padova, Mantua, Verona just to name a few).
The  building most similar to the VMs drawing I found
is a castle
in Fosdinovo, in N. Tuscany. The tomb of Cecilia
Metella along the
Via Appia in Rome is another well-known building with

Cheers, Rene

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