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Re: V-shaped battlements

Dana wrote:

> as dew/water. And then we also see clouds (top right) and the sun (top
> left corner). This looks a lot like the familiar Earth, Wind, Fire,
> Water, Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry type diagrams that I have seen. I will need
> to analyze these VMS diagrams a lot more closely. The /// \\\ /// \\\

The topology is right (I suggested this interpretation a few years back).
*If* the upper right circle with the castle and what could be a T-O map
does represent Earth, then it's possible to constrain which elements/
qualities the other circles can be (since Earth is a combination of Cold and
Dry, the the lower left circle must be Air (Wet + Hot), with two possible
permutations of what the UL and LR circles are).

By the way, there is no substitute (including the fairly good fold-out B&W
photo in the Kraus catalog) for seeing the fold-out live in all it's
colored glory. It was the highlight of a trip to New England a couple years


(PS, I'm finding the whole binomial word length distribution discussion of
intense interest. Can a verbose cipher with rule-based inserted spaces account
for this distribution, or is this the stake through the heart of that theory?
As cruel a trick of Nature's as it would be for a verbose cipher based on
Tiltman's prefixes & suffixes applied to Genesis to generate h1 and h2 values
as close to the Voynich Mss' as it does, if the theory is wrong I'd like to
see it falsified as soon as possible.)