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Re: Clothing and hairstyles

 Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 21:19:30 -0500
 From: Bruce Grant <bgrant@xxxxxxxx>
 To: voynich@xxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: Clothing and hairstyles
 John Grove wrote:
 > Take a look at the object behind the 2nd nymph top left -- it seems to
 > have a solid center piece like a spinning top.
 That object looks like it might be a spindle, a tools for twisting yarn into
S P I N that DNA/RNA .. (it seems) The further away the nymphs are
from the bottom of a page (or the center) the more apt they are to
have their ARMS BEHIND their back (AND/or their leg(s) LIFTED).. 

The final 'output' is secured to the 'womb lining' in many pics that
have multiple females..  This, (to me) still reflects favorable to the
'Blood-Linage' of the author's intent... but, it _oddly_ (curiously)
would cover a TIME Span of blood-lines of 800-1200+ years?

(ok, ok, "s/he" could have been a very 'fertile turtle' (ha.haaa))
best to you & yours this New Year!

steve (how OLD was this guy anyway?) ekwall