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Re: One way encryption

Hello Brian,
     It is certainly possible that the VMS may be a hoax; however, with the
extensive analysis that has been accomplished to date on the manuscript, it
appears to me to show signs of being a purposeful endeavor with a meaningful
objective in mind. I believe the cryptologists and language experts are
pretty clever at weeding out the garbage from signs of intelligent text. If
it were an elaborate hoax then I wouldn't expect to find a correction in the
text, but I have have at least on character that was blotted out as though
it had been an error that was erased. I believe the VMS group has discussed
the question of whether or not the VMS is a hoax. Perhaps they may have
something to add.

Dana Scott

bfarnell@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Just for the sake of throwing out something I haven't seen before:
> Is it possible that the VMS was encrypted with a system that cannot be
> decrypted?  Perhaps the thing is a hoax, somebody's musings about his
> belly-button or a verses from the bible encrypted in such a way that no
> one could ever un-ravel it in order to make it more mysterious.  It
> seems to carry out too many natural language characteristics to be made
> up, but could it be a natural language turned into garbage?  Is there
> any record of a manuscript encrypted this way, or a suggestion of the
> possibility in Agrippa or Trithemius and so on?  Did potential buyers
> ever recieve a copy of a page or two to peruse?  Is it possible that a
> system of this type could account for the odd entropy, ie where multiple
> letters may end up mapped to the same cipher character?
> Regards,
> Brian
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