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Re: hi

At 12:19 AM 12/23/00 -0500, you wrote:
Well, what you're up to is a bit out of our league.

I know I'm different. But frankly I believe that's what is needed here. I have looked at your emails and believe that logic will not prevail in translating this..at least as far as I have gotten which is only page one. This work so far is visually encrypted. It is a know language.
I have the first VMS page translated.  I am just ironing out a few things like botanical references to words in the text.  I have no idea if these references mean anything or not. That's out of my league.
Are you all still interested?
What I have is saved to Word Perfect 7 .wpd   This program also saves to MSWord 6&7 .doc I believe.  I have sent out .doc copies and from what I have heard they are ok.  I myself have never seen them.
I can attach a copy of each formatted work to an email at this address voynich@xxxxxxxx
Let me know