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More herbal goodness

Hello all,

In looking around the web for examples of medieval calligraphy
(another odd passion of mine) I found an excellent set of images at
the Bodleian Library website.  If these are already well known on
the list, please forgive my reintroducing them.

One of the example manuscripts is an herbal authored c. 1070-1100,
which has drawings more reminiscent of the Voynich manuscript than any
other herbal I've seen (which, by the way, is not saying much -- I'm
hardly an expert).  The hand is an early gothic, however, not humanist,
which doesn't appear until much later.  The reference is "MS. Ashmole
1431", Herbal by Ps. Apuleius, St. Augustine's abbey, Canterbury.

It is located here: 

(If nothing else, it is at least quite pretty to look at, and has a
lovely picture of a mandrake.  No sunflowers, though.)