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Re: Voynich manuscript

Hello Luke,
     Thank you very much for your response. It will take me a while to
study and better understand your observations. I am somewhat new to both
the VMS and the voynich mailing list; however, I have been studying the
VMS in great detail almost daily since October of last year. As a result
of my limited exposure to what has been discussed prior to my joining
the mailing list, I think that it would probably be most beneficial to
all participants if you were willing to join the mailing list to be able
to directly participate in the discussions. There are numerous other
individuals who would be much more qualified than I am to discuss and
respond to your helpful comments concerning Astrology in the VMS.

As for my location, I currently live in the middle of Silicon Valley in
Santa Clara, California.

Dana Scott

contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear Dana, Have passed your questions onto Robert Zoller how-ever, it
> is unlikely that he will be able to address them before his return
> home in mid-February. In the interim it would be helpful if you could
> please tell me if anyone has already examined the manuscript comparing
> the following: The "caracti" or other variants including those of
> Agrippa for the fixed stars (probably limited to the fifteen and in
> particular those glyphs put to use in talismanic magic. In the jpg you
> referred to I recognise that of Spica (stylised) and Alphecca. The
> planetary spirits sigils in particular the secunadeian beings as
> mentioned by Trithemus. Again, there is correspondence in the
> manscript pages I have looked at in the past to Zachariel and if I
> recall Gabriel. The greco-roman sigils for the planets. Byzantine and
> even Egyptian proto-types. Medieval sigils for the planets The same as
> above for the sigils of the zodiac, though here I would include the
> demotic. I recall when looking at copies of the manuscript some years
> back, of the relation between many of the glyphs and those that seem
> to have originated from the Chartres esoteric school. I recall one
> discussion where the researcher had clearly confused the signs of the
> zodiac with the sigils for these signs and in some cases even their
> images. I would counsel again this as, if this is indeed a document of
> importance then the author(s) would be unlikely to have made such a
> mistake.  There is a tortuous graphic etymology here, made the worse
> if cypher (even simple inverse) has been used. The quincunx
> speculation:  am unable to help with until I have further studied the
> whole. It may be a stylised version however, it could equally
> correspond to the a variant for longitude, especially as other glyphs
> correspond to declination (and thus we must account for number). The
> inverted "V" is a good illustration of the problems we face. For here
> it could be relating to so many things - the cardinal sign (general),
> or that for fire. If it is inverse cypher then the problem increases.
> I recall many years ago when studing a document of tiriel source that
> the cypher held a key by magic square that indicated which part of the
> "image" as written on the script was missing. The idea being that only
> those who had the rote (always given verbally but often times
> discoverable through mediation or with the help of "others") as it
> were would know what to add. In the jpeg you referred me to I noted a
> similar device in the repeated symbols of the second sphere (from
> outer) - which is why to the untrained eye they all appear the same
> code but as those who have studied the nadigranthams will know this
> may well be a deliberate device -  whereby  we find Luna (added half
> circle which makes it one = Solis, there follows Mercury (the cross
> omitted - again the key holds as it is now 2 (though I admit this
> could also mean the Moon in Gemini or that Mercury is taking the
> quality of the Moon by aspect or association by Whole Zodiacal Sign),
> thus the correspondence to the key, 2 divided 4 - thus we remove part
> leaving the head of Mercury (I am using the medieval glyphs here) -
> the rote would of-course add it but we are exploring counterwise, and
> so on to the aspect itself and the next planet - I take it this is a
> time code, but am sure others will have discoverd this already so I
> will await until I know at what stage your collective studies are at.
> You did not mention where you are based. I am rather old fashioned in
> this respect and quite like to picture that country in which the
> correspondent  resides, somehow it makes this damn internet cyberspace
> a little more bearable. I am in London, England. Kind Regards  Luke
> Andrews
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