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Re: astrological iconography

	Around June 1997, John Grove and I looked at a book,
"1100 Years of Slavic Alphabets" by one Istrin.  Istrin
had the whole history of the Cyrillic and Glagolithic
scripts.  We found no real resemblance to VMs script
(although we were mostly looking for gallows
characters).  Istrin also listed some medieval Greek
characters; no better luck.


"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:
> So - if we accept the calendaric basis for the VMS Zodiac,
> it points either to Venice (and thus Northern Italy, which
> is the favoured hypothesis now) or pre-1492 Ruthenia,
> which might suggest further possibilities of a connection
> with Cyrillic, Greek, Georgian, Armenian or Turkish
> influences on the VMS script and content.
> Best regards,
> Rafal